HSE Policy

The Company is committed to fully comply with all the relevant laws of the country and contractual requirements.

This policy is the basis of our Environmental, Health and Safety Management System and provides a framework for setting our EHS objectives and targets.

The Company is committed to take all necessary actions to promote good health, provide safe working conditions, protect and conserve the environment and thus prevent accidents, injuries, pollution and any adverse effects on the Environment, Client, Owner, Employees, Visitors, Suppliers, Subcontractors and company assets.

This will be achieved by controlling significant hazards and impacts identified through a structured risk assessment for Environment, Health and Safety issues.

The manager has the overall responsibility for Environmental, Health and Safety management, will give priority to EHS in all business issues, and will provide adequate resources. However, it is the responsibility of all engineers and workforce to understand their role in implementing this policy and comply with all requirements.

The management believes that effective management of Environmental, Health and Safety issues is fundamental to success, and is therefore committed to continuously improve the HSE performance through setting of objectives and targets, periodic audits, necessary training, encouraging new ideas, employee participation, coordination with Clients, Suppliers and Subcontractors.

This commitment to the Health, Safety and Environment is communicated to all employees and subcontractors by prominent display of the policy on the project sites and offices and during induction training.

The HSE policy shall be reviewed for adequacy and effectiveness on an annual basis. The policy is applicable to all projects and subcontractors on site.