Oil & Gas Pipelines

SANA AL-AMAR pipelines is a highly available and reliable system which was developed to guarantee that the strict requirements for the transportation of liquids and gases are met. The liquids and gases concerned may be crude oil, natural gas, liquified gas, petrochemical products, water and other liquid or gaseous products.

We provide gathering, upstream, midstream and distribution construction services for oil and gas pipelines. Our core competencies extend throughout the nation and embody our years of professional construction experience. Our experienced staff works to achieve the highest levels of safety and quality for each project, ensuring that the oil and gas pipeline can withstand extreme pressure and environments with long-term reliability and safety.

  • Launching / Receiving Stations
  • Block Valves Stations
  • Main line & Intermediate booster pumping Stations
  • Pipeline
  • Control, SCADA System
  • Communication System
  • Leak Detection System