Sana Alamar is an Iraq-based company founded in 2010 in response to the emerging need for infrastructure rehabilitation in Iraq, after a decade of regional and limited conflicts, and specializes in oil and gas, civil construction and electromechanical projects.

Sana Alamar Company is a contracting company in the field of oil and gas that works as an engineering, procurement, construction and implementation contractor for pipeline projects, tanks, gas pressure reduction station GRS and all electrical works to provide work in the oil and gas field.

The company has the experience and capabilities necessary to supply, build, repair and modernize oil and gas infrastructure and facilities.

The company has employed some of the best talent with knowledge of direct jobs in the construction, maintenance and operation of steam and gas power plants, engineering, procurement, construction and operation of electrical substations, high voltage transmission lines and distribution networks.

Sana Al-Amar Company provided a package of support including but not limited to logistics services, procurement and manpower supply




Inspection & Testing Services Oil&GAS

SANA for Engineering Services is one of the leading companies in the nondestructive testing (NDT) in the Iraq by providing a wide array of conventional and state of the art analysis techniques to evaluate materials and systems. Our nondestructive testing inspectors are certified to ASNT SNT-TC-1A. Level II certifications from the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) include: Magnetic Particle Testing (MT),Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiographic Testing (RT), Liquid Penetrant Testing, (PT)Visual Testing (VT)


If traveling to a training session is an issue, or if members of your organization are from Tishreen extensively and would like to attend one of our programs, our virtual training offers the best of all worlds. Virtual training is delivered by a live teacher from remote delegates.

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Training work

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Training work

Training of the fire department of the Environment, Health and Occupational Safety Authority at Thi Qar Oil Company (TOC) in the Arab Republic of Egypt. This is in continuation of the curriculum for preparing the Environment, Health, and Safety System (HSEMS) prepared by us for the Thi Qar Oil Company.

Training work

Holding a course in our company, Sann Al-Amar, Design, construction, and inspection of the storage tank ، In cooperation with the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate, Thi Qar branch.

Training work

Establishing a workshop to prepare the safety system implementation plan, which Sana Al-Amar Company implemented for Thi Qar Oil Company